The RSFHS email template is available for downloading as a compressed file at rsfhs_email_template, if you need a copy.

When building a new message, open this file in Notepad (not Word), save it under a new file name (for example, rsfhs_email_20150915_ThePotteryofMataOrtiz.html), make your changes, and then save the file.

Below is a screenshot of the template showing which sections should not be changed, and placeholder text (in all caps, but your text should not be in all caps).


If your message will include an image, you must first upload the image to the Media Library, then find the WordPress filename for that image, and it’s dimensions, and plug them into the email template where indicated by the placeholder text. Below is a screenshot of where this image information is found.


After building your email message, you’re ready to broadcast it.

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