Hold At All Costs

The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society was fortunate to be invited to a preview of the upcoming PBS movie, “Hold at all Costs” a documentary produced by Rancho Santa Fe resident Bob Baker.

A description from the the “Hold at all Costs” (http://www.dinifilms.com/holdatallcosts) website:


The Story of Forgotten Warriors, in a Forgotten Battle, of a Forgotten War

Little has been written on the Korean War and even less on trench warfare and the desperate battles fought for control of isolated outposts that marked its closing months. For the very first time, a documentary film, Hold At All Costs, examines one specific battle; the epic attack and defense of Outpost Harry, where American, Greek and South Korean soldiers fought and died against incredible odds to hold a vital position from massive Chinese barrage. The film, intending to be aired nationally in November 2010, around Veteran’s Day, honors this year’s 60th anniversary of the war’s commencement. The concept, a relatively novel one; told by the men and women who actually fought it, but from all sides. This 80-minute effort focuses on the survivors of The Battle at Outpost (OP) Harry and how this horrific event affected their remaining years.