Dedication of the David R. Brooks Memorial Fountain

Peggy Fountain Dec 2014Some 80 members and guests attended the second annual Christmas Party hosted by The Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society at La Flecha House Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014. The highlight of the event was the dedication of the David R. Brooks Memorial Fountain by his widow Peggy Brooks.

The fountain in memory of Brooks, a former board member of the historical society and retired SAIC executive, was designed by Rancho Santa Fe architect Max Wuthrich and constructed on the north courtyard wall. Modeled after Richard Requa’s “Persian Water Rug” fountain created for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition in Balboa Park, the fountain’s style is known as ‘chadar’ which means shawl. The falling water symbolizes a carpet draped over a wall. The ceramic tiles on the face are set in a sawtooth pattern with the top edge of each tile projecting slightly beyond the tile above, creating a soothing rippling sound as the water flows over them, explained Wuthrich. The style dates back to the gardens and palaces of ancient Persia.

“We are grateful to our members and friends of David Brooks for making this beautiful fountain possible,” said John Vreeburg, RSFHS president.

Music for party was provided by Tim Holcombe and his group, sponsored by Holcombe Homes. La Flecha House, the historical society’s headquarters, is located at 6036 La Flecha, Historical Landmark #1 in the village of Rancho Santa Fe.